CheckMate Realty offers clean apartments with great curb appeal.

CheckMate Realty & Development, Inc. is a full service property management company. We are a forward-thinking, highly efficient and motivated management company with a diverse and continually growing portfolio. Our objective is to provide top quality rental housing for low to medium income families. We pride ourselves on reviving buildings that would otherwise been left to deteriorate.


2909-19 E 78th Street
2909-19 East 78th Street, Chicago, IL
Unit Type: 1 BR, 2 BR, & 3 BR
Unit Size: 750-1000 sq ft
Unit Costs: $650, $750, and $950

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7502-06 S. Eggleston
7502-06 S Eggleston Ave, Chicago, IL
Unit Type: 1 BR 2 BR, 3 BR, & 4 BR
Unit Size: 775-1050 sq ft
Unit Costs: $650, $750, $875, and $1100

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